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This site is designed for RETRO computers & browsers to test their internet access.
This page is HTTP / HTTPS. You deceide

Created with Microsoft FrontPage Express 2 (1997)
Download FrontPage Express

I use this page to test my Amiga 500/1000, Commodore 64, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 computers

Not all links will work for all computers/browsers. See what works for you.
This site is as PLAIN as I could make it
This is a No ADs, No Cookies, No tracking, No Nothing, safe site

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the c64 mini picture
I just bought the C64 mini.  It's sooo cute.  Joystick kinda sucks but it works

the c64 mini picture
If you have a 'Amiga' A500 Mini.  The A500 HD8+ Replica  Found on eBay is awesome.
Not sold or made by me!  I just bought one.
To me, this replica ALMOST completes the look of the A500 mini. Someone needs to make a tiny replica
of the Amiga mouse.  Now that would complete the look! ha  Oh, yeah.  a tiny monitor!  OMG!  ha

Workbench for the A500 Mini
'A Pre-setup Workbench for your A500 Mini'
Download the big 'A500Mini Edition' then copy files to 32gb flash drive
Copy ROM files to ..\AMiNIMiga\Hardfolders\Shared\roms
Tell A500 to run USB device
Workbench loads up. Tons of games/apps.

Hampster Dance For Modern Browsers  - Video of Hampster Dance
You should see dancing and hear music
1998 by Deidre LaCarte

ASCII Art Gallery

Over 20,000 Animated Gif's

A fantastic website that converts other websites for viewing on retro computers
FrogFind.com - Converting Foxnews  (as an example)
FrogFind.com and from same guy: 68k.news  (current google news)

You can try www.textise.net to view text only sites, but.. they are HTTPS only

You want a web page converted to HTTP? Let me know.  I'll see if it will work

Proxy server for windows?   I use WebOne.   (Win, OSX, Linux)
'HTTP 1.x proxy that makes old web browsers usable again in the Web 2.0 world.'

 I run it on my Windows 10 pc then set the retro pc's to connect to a proxy server.
This also solves much of the HTTPS troubles.
Works good (so far) and is silly easy.

Websites that seem to kinda work for Retro's (Non-HTTPS sites)

Very first web page ever created. and it's still up:  http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html

Readspike news
wiby.me Search engine
The first website?

You found a good site? Let me know. I'll add it here

Online Emulators for modern browsers

My Online MsDos Emulators that run in a modern browser

Other online emulators I found
Windows '93' Browser Emulator
** PCJS dos emulators Love this! Many emulators that run in your browser
Online-Emulators (Msdos, Genesis, Super Nintendo Games)
ApkOnline Android emulator
Commodore 64 - VirtualConsoles
JavaTari Atari 2600
Commodore vic 20

OnWorks Systems has a few very nice Emulators:
    Windows 10
    Pear OS Mac emulator

Apple II browser emulator

Misc Sites (not necessarily for Retro's to connect to)


This site, for modern browsers. They will create a all text version of a web PAGE!!
Textise is HTTPS and their converted is also HTTPS. But it does remove Graphics!

Retro Systems that use this site:

Apple Imac G5 OS X 10.6.8 using Safari 5.1
Amiga   500 using Ibrowse v2.4 / Voyager & Plipbox Ethernet adapter
Amiga 1000 using Ibrowse v2.4
Amiga 1200 using Ibrowse v2.4 / Voyager & Plipbox
Apple IIe (1982) - Uthernet II card and Contiki browser
Apple Macintosh (1991) - Farallon EtherMac card with Netscape 2.02
Apple Macintosh III (1993) - Asante MCiLC-10T card using WannaBe browser
Amiga 3000
Amiga 4000
Commodore 64 (1983)  using Contiki browser & 64NIC+ Network Card
Geos - Breadbox Ensemble using WebMagick browser
386/486 MsDos - Geos - NewDeal using Skipper browser
Linux Ubuntu Firefox 25.0
OS/2 Warp WebExplorer v1.2
HTC Apache PPC-6700 Windows Mobile CDMA 2005 Cell Phone and Internet Explorer 4.01 CE
Windows 3 for Workgroups using IE 5.0
Windows 95 IE 3
Windows 98se IE 5 on a Gateway 2150
Windows Vista Firefox 52.0
Windows XP IE 6
Windows XP Firefox 24.0
Windows XP Firefox 52.3
Windows XP Firefox 68.0
Windows 2000 IE 6

Oldest System here so far I believe is, The 1982 Apple IIe (over 40 years old)

Your Retro system NOT in list? I'll add it